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Vol. 5.1

In this issue: Katherine Abbass, Simina Banu, Dessa Bayrock, Elena Bentley, Ben Gallagher, Marshall Gu, Shauna Eveleigh Harris, Amanda Jess, Rozina Jessa, J. I. Kleinberg, Hege Jakobsen Lepri, Margaret Lynch, Tanis MacDonald, Diana Manole, Lori A. May, Victoria Mbabazi, Cara Nelissen, Deborah Igbe Ocholi, Kate O’Gorman, Susan Olding, A. A. Parr, Natasha Sanders Kay, Karen Shepherd, Carol Harvey Stetski, Neil Surkan and Cassie Yochum.

Artwork by Sarah Graham.

Vol. 4.2

In this issue: Lisa Alward, Marie-Andrée Auclair, Manahil Bankdukwala, Frances Boyle, Cory Contardi, Holly Day, Jaclyn Desforges, Terry Doyle, Josh Edgar, Maryam Gowralli, Lesley Kenny, Gordon Lonethunder, Mike Madill, Allison McFarland, Nick Mehalick, Jason Paradiso, Autumn Richardson, Melinda Roy, Michaell Russell, Hannah Sanicar, Susie Taylor, Christine H. Tran, Daniel Scott Tysdal, Erin Emily Ann Vance, Mirjana Villeneuve and Jade Wallace.

Artwork by Lesley Kenny.

Vol. 4.1

In this issue: Danielle Altrogge, Alexander Castro, Meaghan Hackinen, dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Evan J, Hannah Leadley, Dave Margoshes, Anna Maxymiw, Karen Mulhallen, Kim Murray, mwpm, Aldo Nazarko, Cira Nickel, Issie Patterson, Geoff Pevlin, Aaron Schneider, Marie Metaphor Specht, Joseph Andre Thomas, Priscilla Uppal, Miriam Vaswani and Nicola Winstanley.

Artwork by Nimra Bandukwala.

Vol. 3.2

In this issue: André Babyn, Paul Carlucci, sarah duignan, Amanda Earl, MW Jaeggle, Hedieh Mehdi Zadeh Kashani, Lindsay Kiesman, C. Isa Lausas, Amy Leblanc, Danica Lorer, Lorette C. Luzajic, Brandon Marlon, Cassidy McFadzean, Christine Ottoni, Andrew Michael Petrucci, Rasiqra Revulva, Ellie Sawatzky, Paddy Scott, Clay Thistleton, Erin Emily Ann Vance and Changming Yuan.

Artwork by Anouk Wolse.

Vol. 2.1

In this issue: Trevor Steven Abes, Emma Lou Beckett, JC Bouchard, Hannah Brown, Cullene Bryant, CEE, Miriam Clavir, sarah duignan, Jann Everard, JM Francheteau, Ben Gallagher, Sara-Jane Gloutnez, Meaghan Hackinen, Roxy Hearn, kate lahey, Sugar la Fae, Laurie Mackie, O’Helloron, Alexandra Pasian, Karen Quevillon, Nadine Sander-Green, Léa Taranto, Emily Ursuliak and Erin Emily Ann Vance.

Artwork by Lorette C. Luzajic

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