untethered is a Toronto-based literary journal publishing poetry, prose, visual art and work that blurs those lines from emerging and established writers and artists. untethered was co-created in 2014 by three graduates of York University’s creative writing program. Since then, untethered has taken the Toronto literary scene by surprise, producing a high-quality print journal of polished, always entertaining work and throwing some of the best launch events in the literary community. untethered is a completely independent and unfunded journal.


Meet the team behind untethered.




Nicole Haldoupis is a writer, editor and designer from Toronto. She recently completed her MFA in writing at the University of Saskatchewan. She lives in Saskatoon where she works as the editor at Grain, and a member of the editorial board at JackPine Press. Her work can be found in The Feathertale Review(parenthetical)Sewer Lid, and The Quilliad. Nicole is a co-creator, editor and designer at untethered.



Stephanie McKechnie is a feminist writer who completed a BA in professional and creative writing at York University. She was selected as the 2013-14 President’s Creative Writing Award winner in Short Fiction, and received the Babs Burggraf Award in Creative Writing. She has been published in Existere and Grain and was shortlisted in PRISM International’s 2013 Literary Non-Fiction Contest. Though her feet often lead her elsewhere, she calls Toronto home. Stephanie is a co-creator and editor at untethered. It is her most recent attempt at plunging into the unknown and slightly terrifying.



Fairy Gawdmother


Lesley Kenny is a writer, editor and literary Fairy Gawdmother. She was a co-editor and social media writer for Descant magazine and owns and curates descantonline.com where she continues to blog about topics of interest to writers. Some of these posts are more depressing than others. Like the one about Canadian writers’ incomes. Look around descantonline.com for more inspirational writerly resources. Lesley has published fiction and poetry in a number of literary journals and one anthology. Like most writers, she’s had many jobs but the title of Fairy Gawdmother, for untethered, is her hands-down favourite.


tyson john atkings was born in 1989 in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Painting & Drawing at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. His artwork has been shown across Canada and his artwork and books are included in a number of public collections in Canada and the USA. His poetry has been published in untethered, Poetry is Dead, Poetry Lives Here (CV2), and (parenthetical).


Liana Ernszt, Jann Everard, Chelsea Forbes, Tamara Gell, Meaghan Hackinen, Rachel Laverdiere, Courtney Loberg, Carolynne Siller, and Kelsy Vivash.


Michael Z. Chen, Joe Howell, Geoff Pevlin, and Kelsy Vivash.


C. Isa Lausas, Patrick O’Reilly, and Ruth Cowper Szamosi.


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  2. Hello Nicole, Sophie and Stephanie. Thank you for adding untethered to the literary world, and I wish your brave endeavor success.

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