Meet the Team

The team behind untethered.

Managing Editor

Stephanie McKechnie is a queer feminist writer, editor, and emcee extraordinaire. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from University of King’s College and a BA in professional and creative writing from York University. She is an expert cat snuggler who likes to spend most of her time with the trees. Though her (usually filthy) feet often lead her elsewhere, this untethered co-founder calls Toronto home.

Poetry Editor

Elena Bentley is a disabled, bi, and Métis/settler, poet, writer, editor, and book reviewer. She is a Citizen of Métis Nation-Saskatchewan. She holds an MA in English from the University of Toronto. Her poetry has been published in various magazines and journals, including Arc PoetryKiiyaanaan Aykwaa: Us Now, Room, The Malahat Review, PRISM international and Grain. Most recently, Elena was a shortlisted finalist for Vallum Magazine‘s 2022 Chapbook Award, and she received an Honourable Mention (poetry category) in Grain‘s 2022 Short Grain Contest.

Fiction Editor

Tanisha Khan was born in Bangladesh, raised in Toronto and across western Canada. She likes to think she has many homes, her most recent one being Regina, SK. Her writing often explores the elegiac and fractured workings of memory. When it comes to fiction, Tanisha looks for stories that place the shuffle of everyday life under a microscope. She searches for unexpected sentences, and for voices that haunt her day long after she’s finished reading. Tanisha has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Oregon.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the amazing support of our volunteer readers, proofreaders, and copy editors!

Past Readers

Holly Allen, Stephanie Barnes, Vannessa Barnier, Simon Boehm, Victoria Butler, Megan Cole, Abbey Dobbin, Liana Ernszt, Jann Everard, Alison Fishburn, Chelsea Forbes, Tamara Gell, Meaghan Hackinen, Lesley Kenny, Rachel Laverdiere, Courtney Loberg, Laurie Mackie, Hana Mason, Victoria Mbabazi, Christina McCallum, Khashayar Mohammadi, Kate O’Gorman, Geoff Pevlin, Shannon Scott, Sam Shelstad, Carolynne Siller, Kaitie Vanderschoor, and Kelsy Vivash.

Past Copy Editors

Elena Bentley, Simon Boehm, Michael Z. Chen, Claire Davis, Alison Fishburn, Joe Howell, Lesley Kenny, Tanisha Khan, Courtney Loberg, Zoe Marner, Emily Menary, Geoff Pevlin, Kaitie Vanderschoor, and Kelsy Vivash.

Past Proofreaders

Alasdair, Elena Bentley, Jack Howstrawser, Tanisha Khan, Lesley Kenny, C. Isa Lausas, Geoff Pevlin, Ruth Cowper Szamosi, and Tijana Zderic.

Want to join the untethered team?

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