Past Contributor Reading Series Archive

Hey folks!

We hope you’ve been enjoying watching/listening to our virtual reading series as much as we’ve been enjoying making it!

We’re three installments in, and, though we are taking a short break, we will be back with at least two more installments in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, while we read all of your amazing submissions, we wanted to archive the PCRS on our website. So, if you click the link below, you can catch any readings you may have missed or rewatch your favourites again and again!

The reading series covers pieces from almost every issue of untethered, six years of publishing, and features sixteen past contributors to date including: Rozina Jessa, Christine H. Tran, Michael Russell, Meaghan Hackinen, Victoria Mbabazi, Arina Kharlamova, Joyce Chong, Amanda Jess, Maryam Gowralli, Jade Wallace, Amy LeBlanc, Cassidy McFadzean, Deborah Ocholi, Trevor Abes, Christine Ottoni and Victoria Butler with many more to come!


We hope you enjoy, and again, we will be back with more readings from more past contributors very soon!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Victoria Butler

Happy August folks!!

Today in final reading for Part Three of the PCRS, Victoria Butler reading her poems “August” (perfectly timed!) and “Confessional” from untethered vol. 3.1 

Victoria Butler is the Poet Laureate of Barrie, ON. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Northern Appeal, a not-for-profit literary journal that publishes artwork and writing by creatives in Simcoe County. She lives above a coffee shop with her cat, Zelda and her Springsteen record collection.

Read these beautiful pieces and watch the video below!

If you missed this issue, unfortunately we are SOLD OUT but you can read other excerpts from our “Bodies” issue here.

Big thank you to all of the readers who have been participating in the PCRS, and thanks to everyone for tuning in and watching and reading!

That’s a wrap on part three of the Past Contributor Reading Series, but don’t worry, we’ll be back soon with a brand new line up of amazing past untethered contributors. Stay tuned!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Christine Ottoni

Today in PCRS, Christine Ottoni reading an excerpt of her fiction piece “Ghost Letting”  from untethered vol. 3.2.  

Christine Ottoni is a writer living in Toronto. The story she reads from, “Ghost Letting,” first appeared in untethered Vol. 3.2, and is a cornerstone piece in her collection Cracker Jacks for Misfits, published in 2019 with Exile Editions. She is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Guelph, where she is working on a novel. 

You can find Christine at, on Twitter and Instagram, and buy the book, Cracker Jacks for Misfits, online from Exile Editions here.

Watch the video and read the FULL piece below!


Check back tomorrow for a reading from Victoria Butler, editor of The Northern Appeal!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Trevor Abes

Today in PCRS, Trevor Abes reading his poem “Oh, Just Browsing”  from untethered vol. 2.1 

Trevor Abes is an artist from Toronto with a fondness for writing essays and poetry. He was part of the winning ensemble at the 2015 SLAMtario Spoken Word Festival, and competed in both the National Poetry Slam and the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word as part of the Toronto Poetry Slam team. His work has appeared in Torontoist, (parenthetical), untethered, Sewer Lid, Spacing Magazine, Descant Magazine, The Rusty Toque, The Theatre Reader, Mooney on Theatre, The Toronto Review of Books, Hart House Review, and Sequential: Canadian Comics News & Culture, among others. His first full-length collection of prose, The New Frontiers Of Conceptual Art, is available through Find him on Twitter and Instagram @TrevorAbes

Watch and read this piece below!

This issue is sold out but you can find excerpts of other work in it here.

Tomorrow we feature a prose reading from past contributor Christine Ottoni, so be sure to come back, because you don’t want to miss it!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Deborah Ocholi

Today in our PCRS, Deborah Ocholi reading her poem “The Sand” from untethered vol. 5.1.

Deborah Igbe Ocholi is a first generation Nigerian-Canadian raised in Calgary but currently residing in Toronto. She writes poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction and makes sure to embed a little bit of home within each piece. @debocholi

Watch this reading and read this incredible recipe poem below!

If you missed this issue you can still grab a copy here!

Come back tomorrow for another amazing reading from past contributor Trevor Abes!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Cassidy McFadzean

Today in PCRS, Cassidy McFadzean reading her poem “Ghosting”  from untethered vol. 3.2 

Cassidy McFadzean is the author of two books of poetry: Hacker Packer (McClelland & Stewart 2015), which won two Saskatchewan Book Awards and was a finalist for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and Drolleries (M&S 2019), a finalist for the Raymond Souster Award. She won the silver medal for poetry at the 2020 National Magazine Awards. @cassidymcfadz

You can (and should!) get your hands on a copy of Hacker Packer here and Drolleries here!

If you missed this issue, you can still grab a copy here and read two more wonderful poems by Cassidy!

Watch the video and read the piece below!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another amazing reading from past contributor Deborah Igbe Ocholi!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Amy LeBlanc

It’s Monday and we’re starting the week right with a brand new reading! First up in PCRS Part Three, Amy LeBlanc reading her poem “Three Summers”  from untethered vol. 3.2

Amy LeBlanc is an MA student in English Literature and creative writing at the University of Calgary and Managing Editor at filling Station magazine. Amy’s debut poetry collection, I know something you don’t know, was published with Gordon Hill Press in March 2020. Her novella Unlocking will be published by the UCalgary Press in their Brave and Brilliant Series in 2021. Her work has appeared in Room, PRISM International, and the Literary Review of Canada among others. She is a recipient of the 2020 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award.

Purchase a copy of Amy LeBlanc’s poetry collection, I know something you dont know, from Gordon Hill Press here

If you missed this issue, you can still grab a copy here.

Read this piece below!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a reading by Cassidy McFadzean!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Part Three

Happy Sunday folks! Happy to announce Part Three of our Past Contributor Reading Series starts tomorrow! Featuring fabulous readings from talented past contributors Amy LeBlanc, Cassidy McFadzean, Deborah Ocholi, Trevor Abes, Christine Ottoni, and Victoria Butler–you definitely don’t want to miss these!!

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Past Contributor Reading Series: Jade Wallace

Today, in our final post for PCRS Part Two, Jade Wallace reading “Softcore” from untethered vol. 4.2.

Jade Wallace’s poetry and fiction have been published or are forthcoming internationally, including in Canadian Literature, PRISM International, Vallum Magazine, and The South Carolina Review. Their collaborative chapbook, ZZOO, under the moniker MA|DE, is forthcoming from Collusion Books in fall 2020. <> <> Twitter: @Nycterosea Instagram: @nycterosea

If you missed this issue you can grab a copy here and check out other excerpts from the issue here.

Read Jade’s poem below!

This is the final reading for installment number two, but don’t worry we will be back for Part Three on Monday, July 27th, with six more past contributor readings lined up for you to enjoy!

Until then, stay healthy and enjoy your weekend when it comes and thanks for tuning in to the untethered Past Contributor Reading Series!

Past Contributor Reading Series: Maryam Gowralli

Today in PCRS, Maryam Gowralli reading her poem “Princess Caliban” from untethered vol. 4.2 

Maryam Gowralli draws inspiration from her multiracial heritage with works to be found at Pussy Magic, untethered Magazine, The Caribbean Writer and other journals. Her debut poetry collection, Citizenship in Water is forthcoming with That Painted Horse Press (2021). She is currently the Creative Nonfiction Editor for filling Station and will be pursing an MA in English Literature at the University of Calgary. Instagram: @maryam.galli Twitter: @MaryamGowralli

If you missed this issue you can grab a copy here or check out selected excerpts here.

You can read the piece below!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Jade Wallace, reading a piece from this same issue, and will bring this installment of our Past Contributor Reading Series to an end!