PCRS: Part Three

This segment of the PCRS features wonderful readings from past contributors Amy LeBlanc, Cassidy McFadzean, Deborah Ocholi, Trevor Abes, Christine Ottoni and Victoria Butler.

Amy LeBlanc

reading “Three Summers” (Vol. 3.2)

Cassidy McFadzean

reading “Ghosting” (Vol. 3.2)

Deborah Ocholi

reading “The Sand” (Vol. 5.1)

Trevor Abes

reading “Oh, Just Browsing” (Vol. 2.1)

Christine Ottoni

reading an excerpt of “Ghost Letting” (Vol. 3.2)

Victoria Butler

reading “august” and “Confessional” (Vol. 3.2)

Looking for more readings?!

You’re in luck. This is just part three of our Past Contributor Reading Series. Find more readings here.