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untethered 5.1 (front cover)

You can purchase print issues of Vol. 2.1 – 5.1 online directly through our site using PayPal! Just simply click the hyperlink below the issue you wish to purchase to check out!


If you are placing an international order (delivery anywhere outside of Canada) please DO NOT use these links! Instead, please email us at untetheredmagazine[@] with “International Order” in the subject line. Let us know your shipping address, which issue/s you would like to order, and the quantity and we will get back to you with your unique shipping cost which can be paid through PayPal or EMT.

The UofT Bookstore will graciously be hosting online orders for issues 1.1 – 2.1, so you can order through their website and they can even deliver it directly to your door (you will have to pay for shipping, of course) or you can pick it up at the store (downtown Toronto at the corner of College and St. George streets).

Click the links below the covers to purchase!


frontcoverVol. 1.1
front coverVol. 1.2
front coverVol. 2.1


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.27.05 PM
Vol. 2.2


Vol. 3.1

issue 3.2 front cover
Vol. 3.2









issue 4.1 front cover
Vol. 4.1










vol 4.2
Vol 4.2










in store



Book City

1950 Queen Street East


Type Books

883 Queen Street West


University of Toronto Bookstore

214 College Street (St. George Campus)
(Follow above instructions for purchasing online, and instead of having it shipped you can pick up your copy in the store. You can also visit the store and head to the info desk on the second floor and inquire about getting a copy, or contact Brenda, the BookPOD Coordinator.)


Lucky’s Comics, Books, and Gallery
3972 Main Street


McNally Robinson Booksellers
3130-8th Street East


Shelf Life Books
1302 – 4th Street SW

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