Issue 3.2 Launch Photos!

We are so thankful to all the folks who came out to the Supermarket in Kensington to celebrate the launch of the sixth issue of untethered! We could not have been more impressed by the performances from our featured readers and the massive turnout (we had to set up more chairs during the break because it was so jam packed)! It was one of the nicest days we’d had in Toronto this spring so far and we PACKED the back room! We had an amazing night and we hope you did too. Big thanks again to everyone who read and came out to support the magazine and hear our talented contributors.

We had record number of raffle ticket sales, and everyone we saw leaving was clutching our new beloved issue, so THANK YOU for your incredible ongoing support!

If you missed your chance to buy a copy at the launch, you can do so on our website here!

A night before the launch, we realized that four of six of the evenings readers have graced untethered’s pages and launch stages in the past few years and we’re so happy they wanted to partake in another.

Unfortunately co-editor, Nicole Haldoupis, couldn’t make it to the city this time, and her presence was deeply missed (but she was able to catch the readers via video chat!). A huge shout out to untethered’s Fairy Gawdmother, Lesley Kenny, who helped co-editor Stephanie McKechnie host the night!

We owe a huge thank you to Andrew Jehan, our amazing photographer for the evening. We hope you enjoy these stunning pictures!

The new issues were on sale for a special $10 launch price!

We are now officially sold out of both issue 1.1 and 1.2 and only have a handful of  2.1 and 2.2, so if you’ve been longing to complete your untethered collection, you’d better order your back issues soon!

Co-editor and co-host, Stephanie McKechnie, welcoming everyone and introducing the first reader.
Our first reader, sarah duignan, reading an amazing poem about motherhood.












Lesley Kenny, untethered‘s fairy gawdmother and co-host of the evening, introducing Christine Ottoni.
Christine Ottoni reading from her piece “Ghost Letting.”
The audience listening to some phenomenal prose.
Engrossed in the readings.
Hedieh Mehdi Zadeh Kashani reading a brilliant translated poem.
Untethered-18 (1)
Pulling some raffle tickets before the break!
The amazing crowd having fun during the break.
Reader, André Babyn chatting with friend of untethered, Kimberley Griffiths.
Great shot of some friends of untethered enjoying the break!
Reading from the newest issue.
Perusing a fantastic piece in a back issue.
Featured reader, Cassidy MacFadzean, chatting up a fan during the break.
These two heard about the launch online and came! Hope you liked what you heard and we see you again!
Justin Lauzon, founder of, telling the crowd about Lexical and the Slant Reading Series (next one June 7th @ Montreal Bar & Grill). — with Justin Lauzon.
Always a pleasure to mix it up a little bit with amazing reader Rasiqra Revulva and her Cephalopod-inspired poetry.
Rasiqra Revulva reading her multi-layered piece from the issue “”Miss World” or “The Efficacy of a Rasp.””
“I’ve seen Rasiqra read, but never had to follow her!” — André Babyn
André Babyn reading from his short story “Progress.”
The best crowd we’ve had out to the Supermarket for sure.
Our last reader of the evening, Cassidy MacFadzean.
Cassidy MacFadzean reading her poem “Oblivion” from the new issue.
Justin Lauzon, founder of, giving a hand to all of our amazing readers.
Editors, Stephanie McKechnie and Nicole Haldoupis (who was in Saskatoon), celebrating an amazing Toronto launch via video call!

We had so much fun, and were impressed by all of the readers who shared their work, and truly inspired by the feedback we received from the audience. untethered would be nothing without all of you.

Big shout out to all of our helpers throughout the night: Lesley Kenny, raffle ticket pusher and co-host extraordinaire; Joanne and Matthew Haldoupis, untethered table volunteers;  Andrew Jehan, our badass photographer for the evening; and all our friends and family who came out to support us.


We hope to see you all at the fall launch of 4.1!

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