Issue 5.1 Launch Party!

Whoa. We’re FIVE now! And we can’t wait to celebrate our newest issue with all of you back where we had our very first launch party!


Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton St)


Thursday, January 9 at 7-9pm


Marshall Gu

Hege Jakobsen Lepri

Margaret Lynch

Tanis MacDonald

Diana Manole

Victoria Mbabazi

Deborah Igbe Ocholi

A. A. Parr

…and more, TBA!


Copies of the new issue will be available for a special launch price of only $12, and back issues will be available for $5.

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Artwork by Sarah Graham

Pushcart Nominees

We still can’t get over how wonderful our launch went last week—if you missed out and want to order a copy of our newest issue, 4.2, you can do so here.

And now… announcing our Pushcart Prize nominees!

Pushcart Nominees Graphic

Read an excerpt of Susie Taylor’s “Malcontent” here, and buy a copy of either issue 4.1 or 4.2 here to read the rest of this amazing work! Congratulations to all of our nominated writers!

Issue 4.2 Launch Photos

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us last night! Thank you to our amazing readers, who you’ll see photos of here (more to follow!), for their reading their phenomenal work—we were truly impressed by every one of you. Thank you to The Gaslight for hosting us, and for their exemplary bar service—which included holding up a cell phone flashlight so our readers could see better. What a night!

The artwork inside the issue didn’t turn out in the proper colour/brightness etc. Please visit our excerpts page to see some of these images in their proper forms!

If you missed out and want to buy a copy of our new issue, please click here!


Michael Russell reading his wonderful “Ode to Grindr” as well as some other new work
Lisa Alward reading from her story “Hawthorne Yellow” all the way from Fredericton, and bartender extraordinaire Michael Hawco providing some light
Jade Wallace reading their poem “Softcore” from issue 4.2, as well as other new work
Our issue artist, and Fairy Gawdmother, Lesley Kenny, holding up her fabulous handmade notebooks called ReWrites—upcycled and recyclable—which were a huge hit
“We have many fans.” (joke courtesy of Lesley Kenny) 
Editor, Stephanie McKechnie, and Kimberley Griffiths, from Slant, chatting about their reading series
Kimberley Griffiths and Justin Lauzon from Slant Reading Series
Christine H. Tran during her very first (!) public poetry reading
The wonderful Daniel Scott Tysdal
Daniel Scott Tysdal reading from his fold-in poem “In the Fold” in our issue 4.2
untethered editor Stephanie McKechnie
Josh Edgar reading from his story, “Projectionist19” out of a shiny plastic duo-tang
A very crowded Gaslight! 
Jaclyn Desforges reading her poem “Crabapples” from issue 4.2


It got steamy in there!
untethered editor Nicole Haldoupis and Fairy Gawdmother/issue artist, Lesley Kenny
Editors Stephanie and Nicole
Editors with the new issue! 

ReWrites: Available at our launch THIS Thursday!

Our Fairy Gawdmother (Lesley Kenny) has made a series of notebooks, specially for this launch! You know the beautiful notebooks you have in your drawers, tucked under the couch cushion, and somewhere in that closet you never open? Those beautiful journals you bought on a whim or were given as a gift… because you’re a writer? The notebooks that are still empty?! Well these notebooks were made with you in mind. ReWrites are made from vintage and scrap papers, some coffee dyed, avocado dyed, and all of them recycled. This is not a pretty notebook. It is an inviting notebook to entice you to actually make your writerly notes.

There will also be a special raffle prize—a bigger version of the ReWrites notebook, entirely upcycled and recyclable.

Don’t miss our issue 4.2 launch THIS Thursday, December 13 at 6:30 pm at The Gaslight (1426 Bloor St W)!

Issue 4.2 Sneak Peek!

With the December 13th  launch of our EIGHTH issue just TWO short weeks away, we’re giving readers a sneak peek inside.

Click here to check out some of the great work you can expect from our contributors! You all better be getting excited, I know we are. We are celebrating four years of being wonderfully untethered! Let the stress of the looming holiday season drift away and hunker down with us at our new fabulous venue, the cozy and candlelit Gaslight (1426 Bloor St. W).

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