PCRS: Part One

In this segment, watch readings by past untethered contributors Rozina Jessa, Christine H. Tran, Michael Russell and Meaghan Hackinen.

Rozina Jessa

reading “Little Brown Boy from Nelson” (Vol. 5.1)

Christine H. Tran

reading “23 Smexy Reasons Why Listicles Are the Apotheosis of Literary Criticism” (Vol. 4.2)

Michael Russell

reading “Ode to Grindr” (Vol. 4.2)

Meaghan Hackinen

reading “Highway to Neverland” (Vol. 2.1) and “Bout Day” (Vol. 4.1)

Looking for more readings?!

You’re in luck. This is just part one of our Past Contributor Reading Series. Find more readings here.