PCRS: Part Two

This segment of the PCRS features wonderful readings from past contributors Victoria Mbabazi, Arina Kharlamova, Joyce Chong, Amanda Jess, Maryam Gowralli and Jade Wallace!

Victoria Mbabazi

reading “SHE DOESN’T COME BACK” (Vol. 5.1)

Arina Kharlamova

reading “for want of exhaustion” (Vol. 2.2)

Joyce Chong

reading “adrift” and “natural disaster” (Vol. 1.2)

Amanda Jess

reading “What am I complaining about?” (Vol. 5.1)

Maryam Gowralli

reading “Princess Caliban” (Vol. 4.2)

Jade Wallace

reading “Softcore” (Vol. 4.2)

Looking for more readings?!

You’re in luck. This is just part two of our Past Contributor Reading Series. Find more readings here.