We launched our second issue, and it was awesome.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the launch of our second issue! We were, once again, blown away by your support and positive vibes. We would also like to thank all of our FABULOUS readers, our lovely donors, our amazing untethered table volunteers, Melissa, Kim, Ryan, Michael and Trevor, and our awesome photographer for the evening, Justin Lauzon. Thank you also to Isa Lausas, who graces our pages with her stunning visual art.

We still have some copies left, so if you didn’t get a chance to buy one at the launch you can email us to get a copy for $10, or you can order online through the UofT Bookstore.

Check out photos from the night below!

Untethered 1.2 034
Starting off the evening to a packed bar and raffle prizes!

Untethered 1.2 035
The fabulous and talented Nicole Brewer, who also co-founded words(on)pages and the awesome Toronto lit mag (parenthetical).

Untethered 1.2 045
Surprise! untethered contributor Adam Zachary appeared and agreed to read for us.


Untethered 1.2 054
John Rowntree reads from his piece “Warrior” in the issue.


Untethered 1.2 078
“Shasta” is read by its amazing author, Christine Ottoni.


Untethered 1.2 003
A packed bar and an ignored pool table.


Some of our amazing untethered table volunteers, Ryan, Kim, and Melissa.


Untethered 1.2 091
André Babyn reads some new work.


Untethered 1.2 110.2
Our hero, Jason Paradiso, Associate Editor-in-Chief at Descant, reads his poetry from the issue as well as some other new work.


Untethered 1.2 124
Vincent Colistro pleases the crowd with poems.


Untethered 1.2 144
Diana Manole reads poems in both English and Romanian, by the poet Nicolae Prelipceanu, which she translated with Adam J. Sorkin.


Untethered 1.2 150.2


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