Issue 3.2 Saskatoon Launch Photos!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our FIRST ever Saskatoon launch party! Thank you to all of our exceptional readers, from our new issue as well as almost every other issue, and to our amazing performers, Goose Lake (did you know they have a bandcamp site where you can buy their music on the internet — check it out!). Thanks as well to Amigos for hosting us, to our awesome untethered table volunteer, Simon Bohm, and to Shannon McConnell for taking some great photos! Let’s do it again, yeah?

If you missed the chance to buy a copy of the new issue, or any of our back issues, no worries — you can still do so on our website!

Danica Lorer reading poems from our new issue, as well as others from the same series!
Lindsay Kiesman reads poems from our new issue — and some new work!
Credence McFadzean drove up from Regina to read from his personal essay, “Taking the Greyhound from Regina, SK to Revelstoke, BC.”
Co-editor of untethered, Nicole Haldoupis, introducing the amazing Dave Margoshes.
Dave Margoshes reads poems from issue 3.1 and a brand new poem (that he wrote the night before the launch and still managed to blow us away)!
Shannon McConnell reads work from issue 3.1 as well as probably the most entertaining tinder poem you’ve ever heard.
Rachel Laverdiere reading for the FIRST time ever, from her story in issue 2.2 of untethered!
Meaghan Hackinen (did you know she just biked across the continent?!) reading us some sweet nonfiction from issue 2.1 and talking about her experiences on bike! 
Sara-Jane Keith (Gloutnez), our first and only first place poetry contest winner so far, whose winning poem was published in issue 2.1 and who we were so excited to finally have on our stage, doing an eco-friendly reading of an excerpt from her novel — part of which is published in issue 3.1 of untethered!
dee Hobsbawn-Smith reading some new poetry, as well as excerpts from her essay, “Floodplain” in issue 1.2 of untethered! 
Goose Lake, made up of Ashton Klassen and Courtney Loberg (a contributor to issue 2.2 of untethered — buy her graphic novel!), treating us to some moody pop tunes after the readings.
Goose Lake!

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