We hope you didn’t forget about our cut-up contest

Remember when you first held untethered in your hands, opened up the first page and saw this weird cut-out line, instructions to tear out the page and make something with the random scattering of words on the back?

Yeah, we’re still waiting for yours!

If you don’t want to tear up your issue, we understand. Here’s a printable version of the page if you still want to have that feeling of cutting up paper and making something out of it. A poem, short prose, an image, whatever you want. Take a photo of it and post it with a tag for us on Instagram, send it to us on Twitter (both @untetheredmag), or post it to our Facebook page. Or you can email it to us, at untetheredmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com. We will publish our favourites in the next issue! Send them to us by December 15th, 2014.


Here’s our very first one, and untitled piece created by one of our editors, Stephanie McKechnie:

Oh! Oh! The posthuman stagger!
The country croak was in its blood:
a phantom linguist
an acid aphrodisiac.
Scissors untethered
the finite paper river.
That summer, the colonizer buckled
the lemons.

issue 1.1 inside(contestpage)
Here are the words to work with. Feel free to add punctuation, since we didn’t include any. Click this image to enlarge/download/print.

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