untethered’s Very First Poetry Contest WINNERS Announced!

After weeks of deliberation…

We’re thrilled to present untethered’s Very First Poetry Contest WINNERS as chosen by our judge, George Elliott Clarke, as well as some of his thoughts on the winning poems:

FIRST PLACE $200 Grand Prize: “Jared and Luann Part 2” by Sara-Jane Gloutnez

“I like the flow of the sensual/sensuous imagery and the evocation of a magic-realist world that is more organic than imaginary.” 

FIRST RUNNER-UP: “Oh, Just Browsing” by Trevor Abes

“This poem combines satirical sass with a pretty realistic depiction of a hospital gift-shop, and the ending is superb.” 

SECOND RUNNER-UP: “From Detroit” by JM Francheteau

“This poem has rich, urban imagery to die for. It’s spellbinding in its Gothic mood.”

We again want to thank all the poets who submitted to our very first contest and made it a success! We loved every poem on the shortlist and agree that George has picked the three most powerful and affecting poems of them all.

Check back soon for a sneak peek of the poems by the runners-up!

Come on out to the launch of issue 2.1 (date July TBD) to hear some of the winning poets read their work, and of course you can get these amazing poems in print by picking up a copy of the new issue when it comes out!



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