Our launch of issue 2.1 is in exactly ONE WEEK!

We hope you’ve booked the night off work and cancelled all other plans and social gatherings (ie. relocated all other plans and social gatherings to the Supermarket at 7 p. m.) because it’s going to be one crazy show!

We wanted to share with you some of the AMAZING raffle prizes that you could win that night!


– back issues of Brick, A Literary Journal
– bundle of Descant Magazine issues
Humber Literary Review prize pack
– subscription to Taddle Creek
TNQ prize pack
(parenthetical) prize pack
The Quilliad prize pack
Broken Pencil prize pack
The Puritan Compendium I
Scarborough Fair back issues
Exile: The Literary Quarterly subscription
Toronto Poetry Slam Team 2015 anthology, “On Some Goody Two-Shoes Flex”
BookThug book prize pack

– an amazing original piece by our feature artist, Lorette C. Luzajic

…more to come!




We’re also very excited to announce our fabulous readers!


Trevor Steven Abes

Trevor Steven Abes is a poet, arts writer and member of the 2015 Toronto Poetry Slam Team. He produced “Cartooning Degree Zero,” the 164th issue of Descant. Find his interviews and essays in The Toronto Review of Books, Torontoist and Sequential. Find his poetry in (parenthetical) and The Toronto Quarterly. Say hello at trevorabes.com.


JC Bouchard
JC Bouchard





JC Bouchard’s poetry appears in Arc, The Quilliad, In/Words, (parenthetical), and more. In 2013, one of his poems was long-listed for the CBC Poetry Prize and another received Honourable Mention for the John Newlove Poetry Award from Bywords. He is the author of two chapbooks: Portraits (In/Words Press), and Wool Water (words(on)pages) forthcoming in the Fall. This August he’ll be reading in select cities with the “Worst Case Ontario Poetry Tour”.


Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown


Hannah Brown was born in Hastings County and lived there long enough to be able to walk through a field and, as Purdy said, say the names—of the plants, in this case. She recently returned to writing full time, abandoning her film and English classes, and has discovered that novels are not written like screenplays. An excerpt from a novel in progress, Listening to Joe Henderson, recently appeared as “On Any Windy Day” in issue 15 of Superstition Review.


Cullene Bryant
Cullene Bryant


Cullene Bryant is a rock and roll grandmother of five and a graduate of The Writer’s Studio SFU. Her two collections of short fiction, Llamas in the Snow (1993) and In the Dry Woods (2005) were published by The Books Collective in Edmonton, Alberta. Her stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines including Room, Descant and The Dalhousie Review. When she grows up she hopes to win Canada’s Governor General’s Award.



Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 5.05.16 PM
sarah duignan


sarah duignan is a writer and anthropologist living in Toronto. Her poetry has been published by Leaf Garden and blue skies poetry.


Jann Everard
Jann Everard





Jann Everard lives in Toronto where she works part-time in health administration. Her short fiction and creative non-fiction have appeared in Canadian and American journals including The Fiddlehead, Grain, The Los Angeles Review, FreeFall and Room. Please visit her at janneverard.com.


Ben Gallagher

Ben Gallagher is a Toronto-based poet and essayist. He recently completed his MA at McMaster University, where he studied grief, arts education, and mental health. He has at various times worked as a wedding caterer, a gardener, an art teacher, and a drywaller. He sometimes sails on the Atlantic, but mostly he rides his bike.


Roxy Hearn





Roxy Hearn is a dance major and creative writing major graduate from York University, Toronto. She has been published in incendies, Wild Quarterly, JONAHMagazine, Cargo Literary, and Pictures & Portraits. She has also studied abroad in England and Italy.



O’Helloron is a Toronto-based writer, composer, and curmudgeon. He is currently organizing a number of his poems into a chapbook to be released this fall. Much of his work can be found on his site, instantsomething.com.

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