Well, that was our hottest launch yet.

…and I mean that not only temperature-wise but also, you know, probably our most awesome.

We were so blown away by every single reader. They seriously killed it. Lorette C. Luzajic, our featured artist, had the amazing idea of having an art table to exhibit and sell her artwork, and her table lit up the room with its awesomeness. (We hope you got a chance to purchase a piece or two!) Thank you to all of our donors and to everyone who attended and everyone who supported us, and thank you to our amazing untethered table volunteers, Ekraz, Joshua and Melissa!

We still have some copies left, so if you missed out, shoot us an email and get one while you can for ONLY $10! You can also order online through the UofT Bookstore.

Please enjoy these photos from the launch!

The stage at Supermarket waiting for the readings to begin.
We ♡ Supermarket.
These beautiful untethered flowers that our Fairy Gawdmother, Lesley Kenny, made for us – they match the issue!
O’Helloron kicks off the night with tales of ladies spitting in batter – more than once, I think.
Cullene Bryant reads from “Jezebel and the Swans” – her non-fiction piece in the issue.
Hannah Brown charms the room with her mesmerizing poetry-reading voice – and her mesmerizing poetry!
JC Bouchard – I think the hat says it all. Support him & other great poets this August on the Worst Case Ontario Tour!


Burger break! (Did we mention Supermarket has awesome food?)
sarah duignan kicks off the second half of the night with her poetry from the issue!
Roxy Hearn read her story, “Old Spaces” from the issue.
Our new friend Ben Gallagher (his sister just had her first baby a few days ago – congratulations!) read his poem from the issue and more!
Slam poet extraordinaire, and member of the 2015 Toronto Poetry Slam Team, Trevor Steven Abes brought all the feels to the room to close the night.
The raffle jug returns! Happy to be giving out raffle prizes!
Ending off the night with a still-crowded house. Thanks for sticking around!
The remnants of our untethered table.
Everyone in the room was extremely jealous of the dude who won this very special raffle prize donated by our featured artist, Lorette C. Luzajic, valued at $400. Congratulations, new Scarborough Fair friend!
Our photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, went for a little walk after the launch to take some photos of the market, once the night had cooled down a bit.
Thank you for coming and for making our launch special!


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