You kids are cool. Here are some launch photos.

Thanks so much for coming out last night! We had so much fun (and quite literally laughed and cried our way through the entire night) and we hope you did too. Thank you to our amazing readers for taking us on an emotional roller coaster this fine February eve, and thank you to our amazing volunteers: Jack and Mike at the untethered table and Danielle and Michael at the art table, as well as one of our amazing contributors AND readers, Rasiqra Revulva, also at the art table, always and forever our amazing, raffle ticket hustling fairy gawdmother, Lesley Kenny, and of course, our fabulous untethered photographer, Julia Heximer.

We still have some copies left, so if you didn’t get a chance to grab a copy at the launch, send us an email and we can get one into your hands!

Now, please enjoy some sweet photos.


Oh heeeeeey!
The amazing Christopher Doda working his heavy metal magic on the crowd.
Terri Favro teaching us how to draw a man, and how to be naked women.
Simina Banu shares her hilarious interpretation of a conversation with the infamous “Google” as it tries to tell her what she really means.
Stephanie McKechnie charming the crowd!
One of our favourite humans, Jason Paradiso, reads from his collection of poetry, Cut Lines & Pulled Quotes, which he will be reading from again THIS Sunday, February 21st at 3 p.m. at Draft Reading Series, hosted at The Red Sandcastle Theatre (922 Queen St. E. — EAST end, friends!)! Don’t miss it!
(break time)
It’s raffle time again!
Why does this keep happening (it’s not rigged, we swear — our families just buy a lot of tickets).
Shannon Page reading from her story, “Three Photographs”!
Rasiqra Revulva, knocking our fuzzy socks off.
Nicole Haldoupis, gushing over Jason’s baby (you know he’s a dad now? Congratulations Jason and Kara, and baby Finn!).
Arina Kharlamova, making us all cry to finish off the night. Thanks for the feels, girl.
Let’s draw again…
Our amazing sound person, Evan! Thanks Evan!

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