ReWrites: Available at our launch THIS Thursday!

Our Fairy Gawdmother (Lesley Kenny) has made a series of notebooks, specially for this launch! You know the beautiful notebooks you have in your drawers, tucked under the couch cushion, and somewhere in that closet you never open? Those beautiful journals you bought on a whim or were given as a gift… because you’re a writer? The notebooks that are still empty?! Well these notebooks were made with you in mind. ReWrites are made from vintage and scrap papers, some coffee dyed, avocado dyed, and all of them recycled. This is not a pretty notebook. It is an inviting notebook to entice you to actually make your writerly notes.

There will also be a special raffle prize—a bigger version of the ReWrites notebook, entirely upcycled and recyclable.

Don’t miss our issue 4.2 launch THIS Thursday, December 13 at 6:30 pm at The Gaslight (1426 Bloor St W)!

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