Past Contributor Reading Series: Maryam Gowralli

Today in PCRS, Maryam Gowralli reading her poem “Princess Caliban” from untethered vol. 4.2 

Maryam Gowralli draws inspiration from her multiracial heritage with works to be found at Pussy Magic, untethered Magazine, The Caribbean Writer and other journals. Her debut poetry collection, Citizenship in Water is forthcoming with That Painted Horse Press (2021). She is currently the Creative Nonfiction Editor for filling Station and will be pursing an MA in English Literature at the University of Calgary. Instagram: @maryam.galli Twitter: @MaryamGowralli

If you missed this issue you can grab a copy here or check out selected excerpts here.

You can read the piece below!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Jade Wallace, reading a piece from this same issue, and will bring this installment of our Past Contributor Reading Series to an end!

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