Past Contributor Reading Series Archive

Hey folks!

We hope you’ve been enjoying watching/listening to our virtual reading series as much as we’ve been enjoying making it!

We’re three installments in, and, though we are taking a short break, we will be back with at least two more installments in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, while we read all of your amazing submissions, we wanted to archive the PCRS on our website. So, if you click the link below, you can catch any readings you may have missed or rewatch your favourites again and again!

The reading series covers pieces from almost every issue of untethered, six years of publishing, and features sixteen past contributors to date including: Rozina Jessa, Christine H. Tran, Michael Russell, Meaghan Hackinen, Victoria Mbabazi, Arina Kharlamova, Joyce Chong, Amanda Jess, Maryam Gowralli, Jade Wallace, Amy LeBlanc, Cassidy McFadzean, Deborah Ocholi, Trevor Abes, Christine Ottoni and Victoria Butler with many more to come!


We hope you enjoy, and again, we will be back with more readings from more past contributors very soon!

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