Past Contributor Reading Series: Yoko Morgenstern

Today in the PCRS, Yoko Morgenstern reading from her piece “St. Clair West, 2 a.m.” from untethered vol. 2.2.

Yoko Morgenstern is originally from Tokyo. She started writing fiction while she was living in Canada, inspired by many writers who wrote in a second language. She is the author of two books in Japan and the United States, the translator of the novelist Katherine Govier, and a columnist at Newsweek Japan. Her literary work has appeared in journals in the US, UK, Canada, and India. Her yet-published short story collection, A Perfect Day to Die, which includes “St. Clair West” from untethered, was among the finalists for Eyelands International Book Awards 2019, Greece, and she’s looking for representation for the project. “The Comedian,” published in Flash Fiction Online in 2018, was also featured by Book Riot. Currently, she lives in Nuremberg, Germany.

Watch Yoko read this piece or read it for yourself below!


Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we will be featuring a reading from past contributor Elena Bentley!

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