Past Contributor Reading Series: A. A. Parr

First up in installment five of the PCRS is A. A. Parr reading her beautiful poem “Her Temple” from untethered 5.1.

A. A. Parr is a Canadian writer, artist and entrepreneur with a Spec. Honours BFA from York University. She is the Founder and Managing Editor of Type A Media ( Her ongoing poetry series “I Wrote You This Poem” is published on, and her debut chapbook, “What Lasts Beyond the Burning” is forthcoming in December 2020 from Nightingale & Sparrow Press. Twitter: @ifitfeelswrite Web: 

Type A Media is now accepting submissions for its Special Edition anthology ‘Isolated Together’ 

A. A. Parr’s debut chapbook ‘What Lasts Beyond the Burning’ is forthcoming from Nightingale & Sparrow Press, December 2020. 

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