Volume 6.1 Contributors

Meet SACHA ARCHER! Four of Sacha’s concrete poems will be featured in our upcoming issue 6.1.

How Sacha describes these pieces in 12 words or less:
Noise of letters reimagining how the ear-eye and the eye-ear hold them.

Sacha Archer lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife and two daughters. Most recently, he has published Mother’s Milk (Timglaset), which was chosen by CBC as one of the best books of poetry of 2020—the first book of concrete poetry to ever appear on that list. His work has been included in the anthologies Watch Your Head (Coach House Books, 2020) and Writing Utopia 2020 (Hesterglock, 2020). His work Jung Origami is forthcoming from Enneract Editions. Archer’s concrete poetry has been exhibited internationally. Find him on Facebook and Instagram @sachaarcher, or on twitter @sachaarchermeat

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