Volume 6.1 Contributors

Meet CHARMAINE CADEAU! Charmaine’s poem, “Everything’s Alright,” will be featured in our upcoming issue 6.1.

How Charmaine describes this poem in 12 words or less:
Before grief: hours crouched at the untrailed river soaked with lillies. 

Born in Toronto, Charmaine Cadeau now lives and works in Lewisville, NC. She is an English professor at High Point University, where she teaches creative writing and literature, and serves as the advisor for Apogee Magazine. She has published two collections of poetry, What You Used to Wear (Goose Lane Editions) and Placeholder (Brick Books), the most recent of which won the Brockman Campbell Book Award and the ReLit Award. Her newest book, Skytale, was handmade with the support of JackPine Press.

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