Volume 6.1 Contributors

Meet natalie hanna! natalie’s poem, “out of order,” will be featured in our upcoming issue 6.1.

How natalie describes this poem in 12 words or less:
How to grow like a fight.

natalie hanna is a queer, disabled, Ottawa-born lawyer of Middle-Eastern descent. She runs battleaxe press (poetry), encouraging feminist work. She was a past Administrative Director of the Sawdust Reading Series, and Arc Poetry Magazine board member (2016-2018). hanna is the author of twelve chapbooks, including titles with above/ground press, Baseline Press, and Collusion Books. Her poetry, interviews, and commentary have appeared in print and online in Canada and the United States. Her poem, “light conversation,” received Honourable Mention in Arc Poetry Magazine’s 2019 Diana Brebner Prize. More information about her literary work can be found online at https://nhannawriting.wordpress.com

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