Volume 6.1 Contributors

Meet natalie hanna! natalie’s poem, “out of order,” will be featured in our upcoming issue 6.1.

How natalie describes this poem in 12 words or less:
How to grow like a fight.

natalie hanna is a queer, disabled, Ottawa-born lawyer of Middle-Eastern descent. She runs battleaxe press (poetry), encouraging feminist work. She was a past Administrative Director of the Sawdust Reading Series, and Arc Poetry Magazine board member (2016-2018). hanna is the author of twelve chapbooks, including titles with above/ground press, Baseline Press, and Collusion Books. Her poetry, interviews, and commentary have appeared in print and online in Canada and the United States. Her poem, โ€œlight conversation,โ€ received Honourable Mention in Arc Poetry Magazineโ€™s 2019 Diana Brebner Prize. More information about her literary work can be found online at https://nhannawriting.wordpress.com

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