Volume 6.1 Contributors

Meet Hana Mason! Our upcoming issue 6.1 will feature three of Hana’s pieces: two poems (“Sikome Lake” and “Still-life in the Diagnostic Imaging Wing”) and one short story (“Horse Politics”)!

How Hanna describes these pieces in 12 words or less:
“Sikome Lake”: Enjoy a swim and a popsicle while you ruminate on body image.
“Still-life in the Diagnostic Imaging Wing”: Lay still and breathe deep; brain scans reveal more than grey matter.
“Horse Politics”: Dispatches on grief, oatmeal, and horses’ social dramas from a lonely ranch.

Hana Mason is a Victoria-based writer from Calgary. Her work has appeared in Riddle Fence, The Minola Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, and elsewhere. This is her first poetry publication.

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