Vol. 6.1 Re-Launch

Hello everyone!

Due to some unexpected printing delays we JUST got our hot lil paws on our beautiful new issues (YAY) and we want to RE-celebrate the launch with you all.

Firstly, issues are still on SALE for our special launch pricing! If you haven’t already purchases your copy — what are you waiting for!? If you have purchased a copy of 6.1 you will be happy to know it’s currently on its way to your home! So keep an eye out.

We also wanted to share the recording of our live Zoom launch from back in December.

The launch features short readings from issue contributors: Michelle Poirier Brown, Charmaine Cadeau, Katie Cameron, Clay Everest, Hollay Ghadery, Natalie Hanna, Elizabeth Harrison, Alyson Hoy, A. A. Parr, Anna Ralph, and Jessica Anne Robinson.

The live launch also included a screening of a stop-motion film made by issue artist Selina Wamsley titled Chronic, but we have cut that bit out because it’s being submitted for some awards! Our fingers are crossed because it was STUNNING.

Watch the 6.1 Launch Below

Huge thanks to all the contributors who shared their work!

Vol. 6.1 features new work by: Sacha Archer, Michelle Poirier Brown, Charmaine Cadeau, Katie Cameron, Conyer Clayton, Clay Everest, Jennifer Falkner, Hollay Ghadery, Tolmie Greaves, Natalie Hanna, Elizabeth Harrison, Sarah Hilton, Alyson Hoy, Hana Mason, A.A. Parr, Geoff Pevlin, Anna Ralph, Jessica Anne Robinson, Sinead Mary Ryan, Andrew J. Simpson, Allison Whittenberg, Sara Wilson and artwork by Selina Wamsley.

Feeling left out? Pick up a copy of the new issue here

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