Vol. 12 Contributor Spotlight: Kayleigh Cline

Meet Kayleigh Cline! Kayleigh’s poems, “Dinosaur Blessing” and “Zoom,” will be featured in our upcoming poetry special issue, vol. 12!

How Kayleigh describes “Dinosaur Blessing” in 12 words or less:
“Be this promise of dinosaur: motion making you a marvel”

How Kayleigh describes “Zoom” in 12 words or less:
“Your face rent into pixels, destined for exile in others’ eyes”

Kayleigh Cline has been previously published in Grain, FreeFall and Understorey. Her work has also appeared on a bus and on a beer: her contribution to the Edmonton Poetry Festival’s Poetry Route contest was displayed on a bus and her contribution to Jason Lee Norman’s Summer Sessions project with Blindman Brewing and CKUA Radio was displayed on a beer. An active member of the Stroll of Poets Society and the Canty Collective of Writerly Women, she lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Pre-order your copy of our limited run poetry special issue now!
Don’t forget! Submissions for our next issue, themed “Help,” are open until May 1st.

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