Vol. 12 Contributor Spotlight: Tea Gerbeza

Meet Tea Gerbeza! Our upcoming poetry special issue, vol. 12, will feature an excerpt from Tea’s long poem How I Bend Into More

How Tea describes this excerpt, entitled ( 3PM ), in 12 words or less:
“A curved movement around a cut line and a question: what spills from my parenthetical?”

Tea Gerbeza (she/her) is a disabled and neurodivergent queer poet, writer and multimedia artist creating in Treaty 4 territory (Regina, Saskatchewan). Tea holds an MFA in Writing from the University of Saskatchewan and an MA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Regina. Tea’s most recent work appears or is forthcoming in The Literary Review of Canada, Contemporary Verse 2, Release Any Words Stuck Inside You III and Room. Her two corgis, Tonks and Ghost, bark their reminders to have a snack and keep her feet warm as she writes. Find out more on teagerbeza.com.


Pre-order your copy of our limited run poetry special issue now!
Don’t forget! Submissions for our next issue, themed “Help,” are open until May 1st.

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