Vol. 13 Contributor Spotlight: Doris Corcese

Meet Doris Corcese! Doris’ nonfiction piece, “HERO,” will be featured in our upcoming issue vol. 13!

How Doris describes “HERO” in 12 words or less:
“A tea reading, a dangerous encounter, and the strangers we live with”

A former analyst, profiler and researcher, Doris Corcese is a graduate of the 2017 Vancouver Manuscript Intensive program and was runner-up in the Federation of B.C. Writers’ 2021 Creative Nonfiction Contest. In 2022, she was published in The Humber Literary Review and recently finished writing her first novel.

One thought on “Vol. 13 Contributor Spotlight: Doris Corcese

  1. Fantastic Doris.
    Hope to read your piece Hero and your first book.
    Good for you..
    Darlene and Ken

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