Vol. 14 Contributor Spotlight: Mark Keane

Meet Mark Keane! Mark’s fiction piece, “Deebs’ Day,” will be featured in our upcoming issue, Vol. 14!

How Mark describes “Deebs’ Day” in 12 words or less:
“A romp of nuns from the convent abattoir run along the beach”

Mark Keane has taught for many years in universities in North America and the United Kingdom. Recent short story fiction has appeared in Black Moon Magazine, Liennek Journal, Down in the Dirt, Granfalloon, Samjoko, upstreet, Liquid Imagination, Into the Void, Night Picnic, Firewords, Dog and Vile Short Fiction; the Dark Lane and What Monsters Do for Love anthologies; and Bards and Sages Best Indie Speculative Fiction. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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