Meet Guernica Editions’ First Virtual Writer in Residence, Hanna Komar!

Our friends at Guernica Editions recently launched their Virtual Writing Residency for refugee writers and poets living in exile this month. So today, we wanted to share this news with you and profile their first Virtual Writer in Residence, Hanna Komar. 
Click the YouTube link above to meet Hanna and listen to her read some poetry!
Hanna Komar is a poet, translator, and writer. She has published three poetry collections: Страх вышыні (Fear of Heights) and Мы вернемся (We’ll Return) in Belarusian, as well as the bilingual collection Recycled. Her work has been translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Czech, Lithuanian, Slovenian, and Russian. She translates her own work into English. She is a member of PEN Belarus and an honorary member of English PEN, as well as a Freedom of Speech 2020 Prize laureate from the Norwegian Authors’ Union. She is interested in using poetry to support Belarusian women to share experiences of gender-based violence and patriarchy.
To connect with Hanna, or to find out more about Guernica Editions’s residency program, reach out to Hanna on Instagram @kvetachka_paetachka, Twitter @KomarHanna, or Facebook (hanna.komar.1232).

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