Past Contributor Reading Series: Michael Russell

Next up in the PCRS: Michael Russell reading “Ode to Grindr” originally published in untethered Vol. 4.2 and read from his debut chapbook Grindr Opera!

Michael Russell is a queer poet with BPD, Bipolar Disorder and massive jolts of anxiety. His first chapbook Grindr Opera was recently published by Frog Hollow Press in their Dis / Ability series. He lives in Toronto. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Arc Poetry Magazine, Heavy Feather Review, Homology Lit, Plentitude among other places. He thinks you’re fantabulous. @michael.russell.poet

For more from Michael, grab the chapbook Grindr Opera, it’s available at the Frog Hollow Press online store here!

We also published Michael’s poem “Forbidden” in untethered Vol. 2.2 which has SOLD OUT!

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