Past Contributor Reading Series: Meaghan Hackinen

Today in the PCRS is Meaghan Hackinen reading her CNF piece “Highway to Neverland” from untethered Vol. 2.1 and her poem “Bout Day” from Vol. 4.1

Meaghan Marie Hackinen is a writer and cyclist from Vancouver, BC. Her two-wheeled adventures have taken her from Haida Gwaii to Mexico’s high plateaus, across Canada and the United States, and, most recently, from North Cape to Tarifa along some of Europe’s highest paved roads. Her writing explores relationships, experiences on the road, and encounters with wild places. Meaghan is the author of South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels (NeWest Press, 2019). She has an MFA in Writing from the University of Saskatchewan and currently resides in Kelowna, BC. @meaghanhackinen

You can purchase a copy of Meaghan’s excellent book South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels (one of my favourite reads this past winter) on the NeWest Press site here.

The next installment of our Past Contributor Reading Series will begin next week so stay tuned and subscribe to our site or follow us on social media for all the latest things untethered.

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