Past Contributor Reading Series: Part TWO

Past Contributor Reading Series Part Two starts tomorrow! This week will be featuring fabulous readings from past untethered contributors Victoria Mbabazi, Arina Kharlamova, Joyce Chong, Amanda Jess, Maryam Gowralli and Jade Wallace. 

We hope you enjoyed Part One of the reading series as much as we did! We’re very excited for this next installment and we hope you tune in and enjoy!

You can keep up to date with all things untethered, including the reading series, by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or subscribe for email updates from our site (links on the left).

We hope you enjoy! If you missed any of our past issues you can still buy a copy here!

Have you been published in our past pages? Do you want to share your reading with our followers? Send us an email with “Virtual Reading Series” in the subject line and we’ll get you involved for a future installment!

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