Past Contributor Reading Series: Victoria Mbabazi

Today in our PCRS, Victoria Mbabazi reading her poem “SHE DOESN’T COME BACK” from untethered vol. 5.1 

Victoria Mbabazi is a mental health major pursuing a double minor in creative writing and philosophy at University of Toronto. Her work can be found in The Puritan, CV2, Feels Zine, Bywords, untethered Magazine, and  Release Any Words Stuck Inside You Volume 2. Her poetry placed second in The Hart House Review contest and her work has been shortlisted in Plenitude’s Flash Fiction contest and long-listed in Room’s Poetry contest. She’ll be doing an MFA with a concentration in poetry at NYU in the fall and is currently working on a poetry collection. @victoria_mbabazi 

If you missed this issue you can still grab a copy here or check out other issue excerpts here.

Read the poem below:

You can find read other amazing works by Victoria in Bywords here, and in The Puritan here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when we will be featuring another one of my favourite poems we’ve had the opportunity to publish, from Arina Kharlamova, in our Past Contributor Reading Series!

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