Past Contributor Reading Series: Arina Kharlamova

Today in PCRS Part Two, Arina Kharlamova reading her poem “for want of exhaustion” from untethered vol. 2.2 

Arina Kharlamova is a poet, mama, and copywriter. She’s working on her first poetry collection, slowly, in between mamahood. Find her at @arkamova on twitter and instagram

This issue is sold out but if you missed it, you can read selected excerpts from it here.

This poem will go down in history as one of my favourites we’ve ever published. It makes me smile and cry at the same time just like I did when I first heard Arina read it at our launch. I think it’s just gorgeous and I hope you think so too.

Read this absolutely beautiful poem below.

Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow when we’ll have another amazing reading up for you by Joyce Chong from our second issue!

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