Past Contributor Reading Series: Part Four

Hey folks! After a little break from social media to soak up some of the summer sun, we’re happy to announce Part FOUR of our Past Contributor Reading Series started on Saturday! You can catch the first two readings on our blog now with new readings posted every day this week!

Part Four of the series features fabulous readings from talented past contributors C. Isa Lausas, Jason Paradiso, Diana Manole, Yoko Morgenstern, Elena Bentley, Jaclyn Desforges and Hedieh Mehdi Zadeh Kashani–you definitely don’t want to miss this new installment!

@iza.str4nger @jason.paradiso
@yokomor @elena_bentley

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Have you been published in untethered‘s past pages? Do you want to share a reading? Send us an email at and get the details on how you can be a reader in a future installment!

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