Past Contributor Reading Series: C. Isa Lausas

Today in PCRS, Isa C. Luasas reading three untitled poems from untethered vol. 3.2 (one of them in French!)

C. Isa Lausas is a multidisciplinary poet, from Lapland, Finland, who grew up between two different worlds : Lapland forests and northern neighbourhoods of Marseille. After a three continent journey she settled in Montreal, where she writes experimental poetry and short stories, studies horticulture, does guerilla gardening and dances.

Lausas studied at ESBAM, the Academy of Fine-Arts of Marseille and has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Saskatchewan. She has published collections of poetry, (On That Border, Art-Arc Books, 2012 and I/Exi[s]t – Exit/I, JackPine Press, 2014), and has been featured in anthologies (Where the nights are twice as long, Goose Lane editions, 2015) and magazines including untethered, (parenthetical), Cordite and Poetry is Dead.@iza.str4nger

Hear Isa read these poems in the video and/or read them for yourself below!

If you missed this issue, you can still grab a copy here.

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