Vol. 14 Contributor Spotlight: Sreekanth Kopuri

Meet Sreekanth Kopuri! Sreekanth’s poem, “Sea Moments,” will be featured in our upcoming issue, Vol. 14!

How Sreekanth describes “Sea Moments” in 12 words or less:
“Hidden voices of Machilipatnam philosophy in the sea movements and the folk”

Sreekanth Kopuri is an Indian poet, current poetry editor for The AutoEthnographer Journal (Florida), Alumni Writer in Residence, and a professor of English from Machilipatnam, India. He did his PhD on the autoethnographic poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra. He has presented his research papers and recited his poetry at Oxford, Johns Hopkins, Heinrich Heine, and many other universities. His poems have appeared in Arkansan Review, Christian Century, A Honest Ulsterman, Two Thirds North and Vayavya, to mention a few. His book Poems of the Void won the Golden Book of the Year Award 2022. He lives in his hometown Machilipatnam with his mother.

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